SoS Lingerie with Moments Candle Co have produced their own luxury signature scent range - Beautiful You, with notes of orange blossom, oriental poppy and patchouli. 


Our scent spray is made from the highest quality products and oils.


Evokes the Emotions of…

Joy, Happiness, Comfort, Serenity, Confidence & Mindset.

Take a moment to see the authentic you, standing tall and shining bright.

The beautiful you that you are.


About this moment…

Warm, oriental spicy fragrance opening with top notes of pink pepper, orange blossom and crisp pear. The heart of the fragrance is a modern blend of jasmine and dark coffee, while the sumptuous base of patchouli, vanilla and cedar gives a sophisticated shade to the composition.




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Scent spray care & safety.


Taking care of your special Moments.


Moments Luxury Scent spray is a dual purpose product which will create an air of elegance for you and your home.


To use as a perfume.

  • Spray 1 or 2 sprays directly onto skin, holding the bottle 5 - 7 inches from the body.  Allow to dry naturally on the skin.
  • Avoid spraying on broken or damaged skin.  If a reaction occurs stop using immediately.


To use as a room spray.

  • Spray 1 or 2 sprays directly into the air, it is always advisable to do a patch test on fabrics before spraying directly.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid direct contact with furniture and open flames and do not ingest.
  • Now you are a Luxury Scent spray expert - relax and enjoy your moments.

Beautiful You Scent Spray