As the daughter of a true fashionista, part of my childhood was spent in a mannequin in the window, dressed in my little red bib and brace hot pants, making passers-by laugh when I tried to make them jump!


My background includes several years working in the retail industry at senior management level; I have held positions in finance & purchasing, run stock build projects, worked on several start-ups and spent thirteen and half years in the Middle East working in multi-cultural environments running the offices of high-profile individuals.


During the course of my life, I have been exposed to different lifestyles, financial circumstances and adapted to different life phases along the way.


2018 saw me step back into the world of fashion with a fabulous designer brand that offers ladies the opportunity to build a wardrobe of carefully curated, quality pieces that can be built on season after season. Having grown a wonderful client base, I was asked several times if I could offer underwear. Research began, and professional training was undertaken.


I chose to work alongside an industry expert to identify brands that fit with my values and aim to offer good quality lingerie, focusing on functional, feminine, everyday pieces to beautiful wedding lingerie and everything in-between.


In January 2020 SoS Lingerie® was launched!